City Clerk

Macey Binning, City Clerk

Ph. 530.233.2512
Fax 530.233.3559

Macey was appointed as Alturas City Clerk June 19th, 2018.

Welcome to the office of the City Clerk.  The mission of this office is to serve as the City's source for informational, historical, legislative and election services for the community, the public and other City agencies, and to provide these services in an efficient and friendly manner.  

This office administers general and special municipal elections, records minutes of City official proceedings, manages compliance with the Political Reform Act as filing official for Statement of Economic Interest and Campaign Statements for City officials, maintains the City's official records, administers oaths, publishes ordinances and public notices, maintains the Alturas City Code, and prepares the City Council Agendas.

The Office of City Clerk  serves as a direct link between the citizens of this community and the Alturas City Council.